Hiring Brian Tyler Cohen


Brian Tyler Cohen is adding a writer to his team. He’s looking for someone who is:

  • Progressive
  • An expert in politics
  • Intimately familiar with BTC’s videos and writing style
  • Comfortable with humor/sarcasm
  • Capable of a quick turnaround (scripts should be written in a matter of hours)

Some notes on scripts:

  • Scripts are generally 1,000 words (give or take; typically fewer if more clips are added)
  • Often include supporting clips (but not required)
  • Include well-sourced facts, figures, background information (only from reputable sources)
  • Include high-level analysis but conveyed in plain language
  • Are entertaining and include humor/sarcasm

If you’d like to apply, here are several options for the opening clip:




Please send a sample original script and resume to brian@briantylercohen.com with the subject: WRITER SUBMISSION – [your name]. You can hyperlink any clips or links within the script text. Submit as soon as possible.

Thank you and looking forward to reading.